Learn About 4 Different Types of Civil Engineering

Although civil engineering has the specific purpose of designing, constructing and maintaining structures that serve populations, it is still a rather broad industry. Professionals in the field work in different areas to fulfill the overall goal of creating safe, functional and appealing structures for the public. People can learn more about these types of engineering to better understand and appreciate their impact in modern life.

1. Construction and Management

Engineers who specialize on construction and management usually balance safety and environmental standards, along with building regulations, with their respective budgets and deadlines. They are also responsible for researching and establishing infrastructure maintenance. This type of civil engineering in Washington DC is used for residences, commercial buildings, roads, bridges and more.

2. Structural

Individuals who focus on structural engineering use mathematics and physical sciences to design their work. Specifically, they usually consider the effects of weight, stress and several forces to create safe and durable structures. These calculations determine the designs and functions of each structure, as well as the materials and tools used during construction.

3. Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater engineering involve the various relationships between water and infrastructure. For instance, specialists might need to use structures and sewer systems to transport water away from cities to prevent floods or towards treatment facilities to make it useful and safe for people. They can also ensure that these buildings and locations do not harm the surrounding environment.

4. Transportation

Transportation civil engineers use their skills to find safe and efficient ways for people to move throughout different places. Their projects range from pedestrian sidewalks to multi-lane highways and also include waterways, airways, railroads and subways. They must also know how to change the environment to build these transportation systems.

Civil engineers are generally planning and designing infrastructure, but they have individual roles that can handle numerous challenges. Their work can add up to strong and reliable structures that can improve daily life.

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