An Expert’s Guide to Arranging Christmas Lights and Christmas Trees

Décor arrangements are not everyone’s cup of tea. They can be difficult and stressful if you don’t have the knack for it. However, it is not rocket science and once you put a great setup for the first time, then you will always look forwards to decorating your home for Christmas. This coming holiday, you can completely revamp your house by considering these few Christmas décor ideas and tips.

Think Outside The Box When Setting Up Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are the hallmark of any Christmas decorations. They illuminate the trees, gifts and other decorations around the house. Well, though most people prefer them around the Christmas tree, it is clear that Christmas lights belong everywhere in the house. There is no reason to hold back on getting the right Christmas cheer around your halls. To prevent your home from being shabby and over decorated, you can consider some not so obvious lighting tips.

One recently popular tip is to deviate from traditional Christmas colors of red and green. These colors don’t have to form the main color theme and you can just add them a bit over your main theme which can be white, or even grey. In fact, white Christmases are becoming popular and they are great for the added minimalism and the fact that they bring out any other color. So, with a white foreground and red and green dashes everywhere, your home will fully come alive with the Christmas spirit.

Adding Flowers to Your Décor Idea

Flowers are great for any space any time of the year. So, don’t dispose off the flowers simply because you have to put up Christmas decorations. A great way to incorporate your flowers is by keeping them as far away from the Christmas trees as possible. Flowers have their own appeal and keeping them close to the Christmas tree somehow doesn’t work for both the Christmas tree and your flowers. However, you can balance out the room by keeping your flower pots in the other corners of your house and in the corridors where you won’t put the Christmas trees.

How to Incorporate Candles with Your Christmas Lights

Candles are much a part of our Christmas lighting as other Christmas lights. Candles add character and a warm glow that is difficult to replicate with other lights. Its why there is artificial candle light that attempts to copy the flicker of a candle. There’s something about how the light dances on walls and objects that makes candle light a must have during the holidays.

By adding more accessories such as glitter and crystal balls, your light arrangement will be greatly enhanced. Whether you are decorating the halls or the mantelpiece, you should always pair your lighting with an accessory that agrees with it and how you want the light to behave. You can scatter enhance light simply by the object that you place beside it. Overall, your Christmas lights should be more than simply stringing Christmas lights on the Christmas tree.

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