Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date, Main Plot and Overview

After a long wait, the third season of Gravity Falls is finally upon us. We discuss the biggest theories and questions that fans have had since the last episode aired back in 2015.

This time, the paranormal adventure takes place in the summer. This season focuses on Dipper and Mabel as they try to find their way back home after an unfortunate event happened at a local summer camp.

Gravity falls season 3 release date

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date


This upcoming season of Gravity Falls picks up right where this last episode left off, with Mabel and Dipper in the middle of a forest without any means to get out. Before you might start jumping to conclusions about what happened between these two characters at summer camp that caused them to lose their month long supply patches from Grunkle Stan, we should let you know that this is actually not the case at all.

The first part-time jobs Graboid Brothers have taken on are with a fashion company, due to being asked for their hats at a fashion camp in the middle of nowhere. Grunkle Stan decides it would be best if these two got jobs working off-site and gives them instructions on how to get straight home without getting lost or picked up by anyone that they don’t want causing any problems along the way.

Many fans were concerned when it was announced that this summer season would be happening at all. Some were confused how this could even take place in a world that revolves around the paranormal and conspiracies, while others felt as though it devalued their content with Mabel’s dad being absent from essentially every episode up until now. Fortunately, Gravity Falls has no plans to make the switch off between part-time jobs and full time jobs after this one ends; there is still plenty of mysteries surrounding our heroes that need solving , they could be in bigger danger (literally) than ever and no one is safe from these monsters.

If nothing else, this latest episode serves as an available time frame for the beginning of Season 3 . Specifically we know that Grunkle Stan wants everyone back home by midnight on August 15th , so it would make more sense to have Mabel and Dipper lose their patches at a summer camp event around mid-July or early August since that’s the point in time when summer kicks off, assuming a quick trip to Grunkle Stan won’t be taking up any of their free days and they still want them every week. The rest of June would then give them (and Dipper) until late-August before having another little holiday break that could stretch into early September with no edge over school starting at the end of these two weeks either way.

Who is the villain?

As Mabel and her family are concerned, one thing is fairly certain; it’s definitely not scarf guy. That person has been a lot more active on the puppet side of things than anything else (they never actually managed to puppeteer themselves) while they may have some sort of grudge against Mrs. Pines that we haven’t learned yet, there doesn’t appear to be any personal vendetta driving them like what could come off as to the Pines family, especially over Stan and Mabel. So more likely than not? Stinky boots himself is getting on their nerves!

The puppets have already been pretty cool for a one off episode (they are certainly an intriguing element of the series), but Snuffles definitely steals any drama that we could’ve got out of them in this very episode. This mysterious figure can’t be referred back to or revealed at all, with me only assuming their identity due to the fact that they were able to attack three Mabelts of people (Mowgli, Gravity Bill and newly revealed Kissin’ Kate at one point) in under a minute each. Also Snuffles here suggests that he is top villain for this season let’s head over to “The Stanchurian Candidate” with Ford!

Main plot points of season 3

“The Stanchurian Candidate” is more of a story that washes up with the plot, rather than what put it in motion continuity-wise at this point. With Dipper’s forces having taken over so much that they are actually able to lock down goons like Sarcastrophe and get rid of him entirely, there may very well be no need for Mabel looking into new ways to wreak havoc on them anymore (there’d be room in the episode if they actually made that more of a focus than it was) This is also keeping so much under wraps now, while Mabel’s operation has been revealed over time to be behind things like Stan attacking Ford and taking him down on top of his base with Dipper as well (that fight being part 3), Clockwork appears to have fully emerged: A.K.A., the place where Dipper stashed Robbie after everything.


The original gravity falls was a show that was so good, it left us all wanting more. The second season of the show continued with the same level of quality as the first season and gave us more than we could have asked for. The third season is going to be another stellar addition to the show’s collection.

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