How to be the impostor in Among Us ALWAYS: can you? We tell you everything

How to be an impostor in Among Us? Like you, many cross their fingers to play this role in the game. And being the bad guy is more fun than being a crew member, right? But is it possible to always be the impostor? Although there are hacks that allow this little cheat, the game itself prevents it. ‘What you can do is follow some tips to increase your chances of being the imposter. Keep reading!

How to be the impostor in Among Us?

impostor in Among Us

We want you to be clear that there is no method to always be the impostor. There are also no cheats, as roles are assigned randomly only.

The mechanism that the game has to randomly choose the roles of the players before starting each game is impossible to configure. That is why we invite you to give up because the only thing you will achieve is wasting time.

The famous trick to be an impostor in Among Us always

If you are looking for information about the game, you will find the supposed trick of being an imposter in Among Us permanently, but it is false.

Our suggestion is that you don’t try it. But if you want to check it out for yourself, the trick is the following:

  • Click on “Free mode” between the main menu options.
  • Select the characteristics of the game and start the game.
  • Go to the main computer and activate the red document “Be_Impostor.exe.”
  • Exit free mode.
  • Join a public match.
  • In each new game, you are supposed to have the role of the enemy.
  • This action has no effect on the role selection mechanism used by the game. So we insist again that it is totally false, like other tricks similar to this.

How to always be an imposter: increase the odds

The only way for you to be an imposter in Among Us is to wait for the random process to select you for this role. However, you can increase the chances that you are the traitor of the ship.

As you may already know, the games are for 4 to 10 players. If, for example, there are 10 participants and a single imposter, there is a 10% chance that you will be assigned this role; the remaining 90% that you are a crew member.

Taking this into account, the more intruders and fewer participants the game has, the higher the odds. For example, if the game has 10 participants and 3 enemies, your chances will be 30%.

As you can see, this is not a trick. It is simply to resort to statistics and make it more likely that chance will knock on your door.

Is there a hack to always be the impostor?

impostor in Among Us

On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of hacks for Among Us, mods, and apps to cheat in the game. There are not only them to always exercise the role of an impostor; also to discover the traitor, expel any player, change appearance and name during the game, and much more.

However, we have to warn you that most of these hacks and mods are fake and that downloading and installing them may compromise the security of your device.

Apart from this, although the hack works, the reality is that it takes away the “grace” to the game. It even stops being fun, especially for other players, if they find out that you are the imposter (in real life).

There are those who use it to troll their companions. However, this can bring upset and make others stop trusting you. Once discovered, they will hesitate every time you win or make a good move. In case they want to play with you, of course.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you avoid the tricks to be an imposter in Among Us and play legally. We assure you that with cheating, you will not get as much satisfaction as winning legally.

How do I know if I am the impostor in Among Us?

Before starting each game in Among Us, a loading screen is presented in which a crew member asks for silence with the message “Shhhhhhh!”. Be very attentive because afterward, your role in the game is shown, whether it is a crewmate or an impostor.

And what if you accidentally don’t see the role assignment screen? In that case, look at other details that will indicate that you are the traitor:

  • The name of your character is in red.
  • You have the option to sabotage.
  • The kill button appears on the screen.
  • You can use the ventilation sewers.
  • You can’t do homework.

If you see any of these indicators during the game, you are definitely the imposter.

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