How to get legendary pokémon in pokémon go

Pokémon GO is the title that has rewritten the canons of a series of historical video games, pushing fans to physically move to find and capture the famous pocket monsters through the augmented reality of their smartphones: a way to discover places that may not have known each other. Asset of their hometown. In short, it goes far beyond the classic Pokémon game.

Of course, the senseless stereotype of the player who stands on the sidelines capturing virtual monsters in the closet of his bedroom has fortunately been set aside for a long time, since the golden years in which you were at the park or at friends’ house for exchanging Pokémon from one Nintendo DS to another, but surely the fact of having to meet with other Trainers in front of key points of the city has evolved and made the gameplay even richer.

How to get legendary pokémon in pokémon go?

How to get legendary pokémon in pokémon go

You know it too well and, in fact, you let yourself be “captured” (forgive me for the pun) by the title of Niantic, so much so that you get to ask yourself how to find legendary Pokémon on Pokémon GO. That’s the way it is, right? Perfect, then let me give you some “tips” on how to achieve your goal. It will not be easy – on the other hand, we are talking about legendary Pokémon – but I am convinced that you will not make the right commitment. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and have fun!

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to find legendary Pokémon on Pokémon GO, I think it is interesting to deepen a little more on the subject in general.

As you surely know, Pokémon GO is not a classic title of the well-known video game series, but it is the first great experiment in terms of augmented reality: the player physically moves around the city, finding and catching Pokémon that creep between meadows. Buildings and other areas of the real world.

One of the characteristics that have always fascinated gamers the most – and not only in the world of Pokémon – is the rarity, perhaps related to a certain in-game element. You don’t need to give too many examples to understand it: between loot, skins, Twitch drops and so on and so forth, gamers love uniqueness and rarity.

In this context, the existence of legendary Pokémon has always been particularly fascinating. To give an example that will please fans a little later in age, the covers of iconic titles such as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl featured the legendary Dialga and Palkia, making a vast number of players dream.

Nowadays, the physical aspect of the product has clearly been lost a bit (even if, if you think about it, Pokémon GO and its “forced” movement are trying to bring players back to that dimension in some ways!), but the “thrill” that rises on the back of gamers when they manage to capture a legendary is the same.

In short, I understand well why you want to investigate this possibility, so I am going to provide you with all the necessary information by analyzing the situation well. In fact, you must know that several legendary Pokémon have appeared in Pokémon GO, such as Kyogre and Mewtwo, just to name a few. If you want to know how to try to “catch them,” read on.

How to find legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

The most common doubt relating to the presence of legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO is actually trivial: simply, a novice player may struggle to understand how to find this type of Pokémon within the game, since, especially at the beginning, it does not there are actually so many indications about it.

In this context, it is good to introduce the concept of Raid Hour. Well, the hours of the raids are nothing more than events that are held globally in which some specific Pokémon appear to be defeated and possibly captured. Usually, these initiatives last an hour: you can be sure, in that specific period of time, there will be many players ready to try to catch the Pokémon involved.

Put simply, Niantic is used to launch timed events, during which it is possible to obtain Pokémon that would otherwise be nearly impossible to find and catch. Generally, it is precisely in this type of initiative that the legendary Pokémon fall into, as well as the rare or mysterious ones. Now I have your attention, right? I’ll explain immediately how it all works.

While you are quietly carrying out your classic daily activities and have therefore abandoned the world of Pokémon for a moment, a powerful Pokémon Boss may have an intuition: why not conquer the Gym of humans? You’ve probably already figured out where they want to go: by participating in the raid, you and the other Trainers will have to join forces to manage the threat.

Raids can have various levels of difficulty. To reach your goal, you have to aim for the 5-star ones: that’s usually where the legendary Pokémon “hide.” In short, the steps you need to follow to reach your goal will now be clear to you: wait for a raid involving a legendary Pokémon and participate in it.

Pokemon GO Remote Raid Ticket

To do this in practice, however, you probably need some information, which I am about to give you. In fact, to participate in a raid, you need to have special tickets, which are available in different variants.

The classic one is the raid ticket, which can be obtained simply by turning the disc present in the Gyms. With this ticket, it is possible to access raids from level 1 to 5, therefore potentially also those involving legendary Pokémon, but keep in mind the fact that you can only have one raid ticket at your disposal, as well as get a maximum of one per day.

If you run out of this type of ticket, you can carry out more raids on the same day by purchasing the Premium Battle ticket from the in-game shop, which also allows you to access raids from level 1 to level 5. If you want to learn more about the micro-transactions related to the game, you may be interested in consulting my tutorial on how to earn Pokémonete on Pokémon GO.

A very interesting solution is then the one constituted by the remote raid ticket, which can allow you to participate from a distance in some raids that are taking place near the place where you are. In this context, for more information, I can only refer you to my guide on how to get free remote raid tickets.

The question of EX raids should also be mentioned: in simple terms, the latter are raids that allow you to fight against some of the most coveted Pokémon. EX raids are different from Legendary (5-star) raids, so you don’t have to take part in them to reach your goal.

How to get legendary pokémon in pokémon go

Raid around Pokemon GO

However, I wanted to clarify that there is also this type of raid, which you can only access through an EX raid ticket. To get the latter, you must have defeated at least one Pokémon Boss in the Gym where the EX raid will take place.

In any case, once you have the right ticket available, just take a look at the Surroundings section of Pokémon GO (the one you usually also use to find nearby Pokémon) in order to locate the raids at your disposal.

Then you just need to physically go to the site (if you have the “classic” raid ticket) or choose to participate remotely. In any case, following the hatching of the special egg relating to the Pokémon (generally you have to look for black eggs for the legendaries ), by pressing the Fight button that will appear on the screen you will take part in the battle, using the appropriate ticket.

How to catch legendary Pokémon on Pokémon GO

After following the instructions on how to find the legendary Pokémon on Pokémon GO that I included in the previous chapter, you will probably have a question: how to catch the latter? I immediately analyze the matter.

In reality, there is nothing more “simple” (so to speak, given the difficulty of this type of “mission”): once you have won the raid together with the other Trainers, you will have the opportunity to catch the Pokémon that you just defeated (yes, even if legendary).

Raids usually grant players 45 minutes to defeat the Pokémon Boss. Of course, you’ll be able to pick your team of 6 Pokémon at first, just like in a common Gym challenge.

For the rest, you probably already know the gameplay of Pokémon GO: a swipe of the finger is equivalent to a dodge, a tap on the screen represents a quick attack and the Loaded Attack button allows you to potentially do a good number of damage.

Premier Ball Pokemon GO

Then, of course, all the dynamics you already know come into play. If you want to deepen the matter, I suggest you refer to my guide linked to the best moves in Pokémon GO, in which I analyzed some interesting possibilities offered by the title of Niantic.

For the rest, once you have won the raid (remember that, in case of “failure,” you can return to battle without spending any more tickets before the end of the event), you will be given the opportunity to capture the legendary Pokémon involved.

But be careful: in this phase, you will not be able to use Ultra Ball or Mega Ball, but only Premier Ball (the white Poké Balls). However, what you can do is set aside a large supply of Berries to try and make it easier for you to catch the Pokémon.

In short, now you are aware of a bit of everything there is to know about the legendary Pokémon present on Pokémon GO. You just have to implement the operations I have indicated in the right time frame, obviously trying to get to victory.

Legendary Pokemon Captured Mewtwo Pokemon GO

For the rest, if you are looking for a practical example related to everything, I suggest you consult my guide on how to catch Mewtwo on Pokémon GO (Legendary Pokémon). In any case, I want to clarify that the title of Niantic is constantly evolving, so the developers could change some mechanics at any moment.

Net of this, you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching your goal by following the directions I gave you earlier. In addition, you can possibly refer to the page of my site dedicated to Pokémon GO to stay updated on the most recent tutorials that refer to the title of Niantic.

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