All-time wearable jewelry vs night removable jewelry

You’ve just finished a busy day, you come home, take a shower, get in your pajamas, take off your make-up and get to bed. You’re ready to relax, watch a movie or just sleep. But did you forget anything? Are you comfortable enough or is there anything bothering you? If you’re wearing some stud earrings or a chunky bracelet that you forgot to take off, that’s gonna take away from your comfort. So what’s better: comfortable everyday jewelry or one of a kind pieces that need to be removed at night? In this article we’re taking a look at what pieces would be comfortable to sleep in. Read along and see what works best for you. At the end of the day, you can very well wear no jewelry if that’s what suits you best.


Sleep-in: The earrings are probably the most important ones if we’re talking about night time comfort. If you want some that don’t need to be removed every night, you should go for some small hooped earrings that don’t have the uncomfortable stud at the back. They should also be a precious metal, so they don’t irritate your ears. The con for these is that they are more expensive and it’s harder to find many different designs.

Day wear: If you don’t mind taking your earrings off every night and you like versatility, you won’t see any cons for these earrings. There are no limitations, you can buy them anywhere, as you won’t wear them for a long time and they won’t cause issues. The biggest pro is the variety of patterns and designs. The only con is that they are very uncomfortable to sleep in and you need to always take them off before bed.


With bracelets, it’s easier to determine which ones can be worn every day and which ones are just for special occasions. The bigger and chunkier it is, the harder it will be to run daily errands or sleep in. Think about writing or typing, your hands have to be free to move and light, a chunky bracelet would make it harder or less comfy. You wanna look for something that is small and thin so you can always keep it on. You can look for material bracelets, thread ones or even precious elegant bracelets that are comfortable. The con of these is that they are less visible, so if you want a bold touch, you’ll have to adapt to the chunky ones.


Last but not least, for necklaces the things are different. We think you could sleep in almost any necklace, as long as it’s not a super extravagant design. Although some may be more comfortable than others. The most comfortable would be a simple chain necklace that is thin and light. Chokers are also comfortable, as long as they’re not too tight and so are pearl necklaces. Again, make sure the materials don’t irritate your skin and pay attention to any big charms on your necklaces.

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Peter Brown

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